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The Manual for Everything

January 18, 2011

if i am suffering from any form of ocd, it has to be the “i cannot start without having thoroughly gone through the whole manual (if there is one)” and i am serious when i say i read all kinds of manual: dvd player, microwave oven, rice cooker..

and the most enjoyable of the lot: Ikea

i cant believe how many pieces of furnitures i managed to assemble the previous month; i feel that i am some sort of expert now in this. so save your 6%, call me, i will do it for an extra 4% thanks

and my favourite diagram has to be the one for please get another friend to help you with this. hmm curly hair. some of the warnings are ridiculously funny. and most of the time the actual assembly is a whole lot difficult than how it seems on paper

how to make a house? if there is an ikea manual on it, it will definitely look like this

talking about which, i managed to find the ikea manual for my Expedit bookself; dated 2000. yes, before it was even called a bookself. at the point of purchase it was still in the tv display unit section and Billy bookshelf was the world. now? Expedit is like the only bookshelf people are getting


now dont you people try to copy me again to use the tv cabinet we bought and is now functioning as a shoe rack. if i am ever going to find that it in the shoe rack section anytime soon i am going to sue

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