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Taiwan was fun. Serious.

January 29, 2011

a friend of friend is contemplating exchange to taipei. and of course i assured him again and again that yes it will be extremely fun. because there’s really nothing to lose when it comes to going for an exchange.

and taiwan was fun. i dont know how fun it is to be able to see the aurora with my own eyes or to walk down the streets of london. it’s not cool in that sense where you can brag about what you did. and i dont have roommates who smoke weed or got to attend parties where we can strip to nothing, so

and answering his questions about taiwan really got me to think about the whole trip again. because in taiwan, even doing the laundry can feel so much less than a chore. i have a lot to complain about the way things are done in taipei. but precisely why these memories are so fond

taipei is as laid back as it can get. and i’m not even talking about traveling out of taipei. it’s not cool, but very very fun. forget the trip to 4D3N taipei you had previously because living there, is a whole lot cooler than you think it will be

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