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See lar Procrastinate

February 17, 2011

why does karen mok make running out of time so fun? not fun lor. change wakin chau

i dont know if it is a good thing. that i finally woke up this morning realising how dangerously close i am to the end of this semester. recess week this coming week and possibly the only last week of time i am officially given to do the implementation portion of my project. because come march i am supposed to be already doing my user study and drafting both the thesis and technical paper. which also only given a month long before CA3 comes on the 28th. and we are talking about supposed to be because i know how this is not going to be humanly possible

and it doesnt help that i will be having my first and known mid term on the monday after recess week. because for the other two modules i dont even know if there are mid terms

and job applications also pouring in. i dont know if i can even graduate should i even care if i can get a job

so here the last 100m sprint

may all of us remain sane

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