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March 22, 2011

(a small diversion from what i want to write about. haha i realise how the title when read in mandarin can so easily sound like our “在那個雲頂高原hor~” friends.)

it’s just that these few days there is nothing but misery. that work is tough, that thesis is impossible and to the extend that there is no point in living anymore. i know how i will end up wallowing in this self pity. or at least let this bad mood get into me. if i get a bruise i will keep pressing it whenever i get the chance to to make sure that it still hurts. and it gets worse when you have someone (or a few others) who joins you in this life is so lousy talk.

yes which is quite useless

you know what it’s time to start doing the things i want to do instead of just talking about them. like the cycling trip. or that i want to obtain the jlpt. i have been talking about this since the time the lowest level of jlpt is 4 and that it has already changed to 5 now. and to go back to o school for open classes.

and 2 more months. i will be eating my 3000won topokki along the streets near ewha university. exciting

and i dont want to care anymore. since it’s not very productive to think about things that i have no control over. no time no patience. ass. i am going to take total control over my life again

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