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actually it was a lot of fun

April 1, 2011

i realise the bulk of my friends in school are doing mixed reality or something related for their dissertation. is it because we have the same interests that we ended up as friends or is it because we have the same interests that we choose to do the same modules and that is why we are friends? but i obviously knew them since year 2 and it was before we streamed into our different paths

so had lunch with a group mate from year 3. the first thing he said was “wah. you really look like when we did 2001.” 2001 design project. haha the memories

and coincidentally got a message from a friend over at pulau ntu that she has not slept for 30 hours straight for fyp. which reminded me of life doing 2001. 20 hours a day in school for the last month and 30 plus hours no sleep before submission. and it’s a hell lot fun when half the cohort is doing it with you. 3am in school. wah why still got other people. omg they are from EE and doing 2001! i love soldering~

not that i am that tired. i just wish that my nose will stop running and that my cough will stop

so today’s d-day. the thesis submission date for the EE cohort. and it feels weird because the small bunch of us are not submitting our theses today. a decision made 31 March 5pm from your lovely examiner. all the rushing damn

i hope all of you are having fun too

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