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April 28, 2011

i’m thinking of changing our town council. and i guess all our folks here should know why we want to do so.

retiring minister from the previous 5 years and thus very much negligence from the town council. zero upgrading since 5 years ago and i’m not even talking about grass not cut or lifts not fixed or blocks not cleaned. and you all should take a look at gombak, it looked exactly the same since 20 years ago. and losing this minister?

so pretty much we have nothing to lose

but as sian as it is. why is competition so weak too

but that said. i am very reluctant to want to join in and do the i am supporting who who who thing. because things are really becoming mou ngan tai, seeing that people are:

1. choosing a party because it will make one appear cooler
be it to be seen as in the know, prove that you can still think critically or to show that you are politically aware.

2. labeling
i dont know if it is obvious enough, but any form of support for that certain party (online that is) will be shot down immediately. it comes to a point where i dont know who these people are convincing. i mean all of you are supporting the same thing, then i see it as more of cognitive dissonance than anything else. there are only, really only, voices to support the opposition, especially on social media platforms. erm no one sees this as a problem?

3. taking it solely as a popularity contest
because you dont vote for someone because she is cool. this is not student council

so please, no.

sometimes i look at hongkong, it really feels like how we might look like if one day all the ideals are matched. freedom of speech, equality, a truly laissez-faire economy. but it really just mean it’s each for his own. it gets translated to harsher working conditions (longer hours meaner bosses but maybe better pay), even more expensive housing and you really have to start looking after yourself (get insurance please).

how? is it okay?

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