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THAT Problem

April 29, 2011

okay i am going to shoot myself in the foot. that i have quoted “Sometimes if you know that some things will make people pissed off, then you shouldnt and cannot say it.” i am still writing this. but then again this is my tree hole or toilet bowl

why more voices in the parliament is good:

1. Accountability

2. Keeping incumbent at check

3. Hopefully it can push us from the current situation of “narrow base” to “big church” establishment.

4. shift from dominant-party system to multi-party system

but do consider:

1. “The opposition win votes not on their merits, but by the ruling party’s faults. Anyone could have stood for the elections and still win votes.”
a dog may stand in for a place in opposition and people will still vote for it. for the sake of change

2. Anger is one thing. Can the problems be solved with change?
be it rising housing cost, public transport system, influx of foreign workers. can these problems be solved? how? will opposition or even a revolution help to solve these problems?

3. Things are always easier when said.
“I am willing to sacrifice some prosperity and stability for better human rights & better labor laws.”

4. “If he does lose his seat, it will not only be because the WP owned his ass. If he loses, he has the GRC system to blame.”
it’s just a nicer way to say “or-bi-quek! it’s time for revenge muaha” we are not looking for punishment

5. ideals are ideals
communism ftw

i guess my point is still very much the same. hear from all first and then make informed choices. dont begin with far too skewed opinions. which will then obviously start to colour every information you can get

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  1. May 1, 2011 5:31 pm

    That being said, as I might have mentioned before, a decision made with considering information is one thing. A critically informed decision is another.

    Because there’s a big picture that is at stake also. Because based on looking on information presented alone to make a decision, will only be valid when (i) everyone had an equal chance to show what they have (ii) what they have shown was not coloured by the media or our misinformation in the first place (iii) what history says about them making true their promises in presented information.

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