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May 6, 2011

12 short films. there are 4 of them that i really like.

(all in cantonese. sigh the lack of subtitles)
一分鐘: the first one that i watched. starring Pang Ho-cheung. haha. not a great story. but i like the idea of there are actually a lot of things you can do in a minute

沒名沒姓: almost zero dialogue. which is good you can understand without knowledge of cantonese. and with zero dialogue i think they brought out the message really well. plus great art direction

打錯: this is one that grabbed my attention from the start. (and also the one with the highest play count among all) i want to say is this is really well shot. thought through well during storyboarding

香港愛我: with eman lam from at17. commentary. which is very heiward mak. cinematography wise this is the best.

the boy’s speech at the end (very loosely translated):
when they wanted to tear down queen’s pier,
I didn’t speak out because with or without the pier, i will still take bus to school.
when they wanted to build the high speed rail,
I didn’t speak out because with or without the rail, we seldom go back to mainland.
when they fight until want to die because of minimum wage,
I didn’t speak out because i dont think after i graduate i have to work in a fast food restaurant
during the land resumption of choi yuen village,
I didn’t speak out because with or without the village i will still have vegetable to eat
now they are changing the area we are staying in into a mall,
and there was no one left to speak out for us. two more months and we have to shift out of our house and we dont know where we will move to next


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