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It really is how much you want to let go of

June 9, 2011

the previous three episodes of 2 days 1 night they invited 6 actresses for a trip together with the show regulars. i dont think i have blogged about this, but the time i tried watching snsd’s hello baby, i just died. because 9 girls talking at the same time, is havoc

so i was kind of skeptical with the addition of 6 ladies into the show (which is 2 whole market worth of noise) and they proved me right in the first episode. they really cannot stop talking

but the third (and also last) episode they won me over

breakfast mission is haha quite fun lar. put a bunch of guys and girls. on a camp trip. you just gotten yourself the formula for SP night

watching 2 days 1 night only reminds me of how fun camps can be. which brings to the title of this post. it really depends on how much you want to let go of. i guess like circus action, it’s hard to convey the kind of fun in watching them. what they do definitely is not witty or smart or even funny. it’s just that when they are doing what they are doing, they dont care about anything else

and along with this line, the people i see, the things happening, all these i always say below my breath “it is not because you have no time/not able to/not good at, it really is how much you want to”. we only allocate time to what we want and everything else is just a nice sounding excuse

finally in the third episode of the actresses special, everybody played the game as if it’s the most important thing in the world. yes the fun has begun.

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