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I’m the King of the Castle

June 21, 2011

David Foster Wallace on Life and Work
Designing Is About The Decisions You Make Every Day

i dont know if i was out to seek articles on this topic or that only because i was thinking of it, these two articles just found their way to me (haha which is a very i am the king of my universe way of thinking)

have been wanting to blog about this, or maybe a less sophisticated variation on it, on how in the many decisions we make, the life we choose to live; we may feel that we are in control of it in a “i choose my own life” way but most of the time, we are actually living a life that are in bits and pieces made up of the lives of the people around us

if i have not met friends who played basketball with me every single recess would i have then chosen to enter the school team soon after? if i have not have friends who bother to talk to me about films, would i still be as interested?

do i find these friends because we have similar interests and thus i go find them? or is it because in some way i have to spend time with these people that i eventually become more like them?

because the thought of this is scary, that even very fundamental choices in life can be the product of the people around me. how can i be so sure that i like something because i really like it or because the people around me all like it and thus i thought i like it too?

yes every single one of you, that’s your life

i like Wallace’s take on awareness. i guess before this i used to use the word sense on people i see with this kind of awareness. more than logical argument but the ability to think beyond “hey you are making me unhappy and thus you are not right”

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