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House of Flying Daggers.

December 20, 2006

my second zhangyimou movie. ann said that this is a nice show. but i’m not really keen of watching shows with zhang ziyi (or. to be correct ziyi zhang. *tsk tsk* how can she succumb to the evils of the angmohs first name before last name) okay. i have to admit i only paid 60% of my attention while watching the show. esp the first 1.5hr of the movie.

so it started out that andy lau and takeshi kaneshiro were policemen and they were on a task to kill the head of this anti govt grp that uses flying daggers. the 2 of them helped to kill the first head and now they had to kill the new one lah. then they heard that someone in that clan works in this brothel. so they went to check it out and found this blind girl who was believed to come from that clan. so andy lau sort of sent takeshi kaneshiro to be an undercover(ho ho ho. infernal affairs) sort of thing to get close to ziyi zhang and then to ultimately find the clan head.

wah biang. and comes the boring part. where takeshi kaneshiro and ziyi zhang had to escape from the policemen from all over the country. jus fight fight fight. but the scenes were very very beautiful. and then come the climax. andy lau is *spolier* an undercover for the clan *end of spoiler*. wah biang. infernal affairs har? so apparently he likes ziyi zhang and she likes takeshi and takeshi likes her. haha. the men fought for her.

cos andy lau knew ziyi zhang would release takeshi kaneshiro. so he threw this flying dagger at her cos he was angry lah. so i tot she died. omg. halfway thru the fighting btw andy lau and takeshi kaneshiro she woke up!! haha. she jus kept going btw dying, not dying, dying, not dying. hahahaha.

the scenes were all so beautiful. but the plot is quite stupid here and there. even worse than hero. hero had a weird plot. house of flying dagger has a non-existence plot. hais.

jus now was reading iweekly’s article on gongli. she sort of laughed at zhangyimou’s 2 (commercial) movies (omg. the only 2 zhangyimou’s movies that i watched) that he should go back and be a cameraman. so i guess he shd be better than how he seems to be in these 2. so. yay. i wanna watch curse of golden flower(wth. why the english title has nth to do with the golden amour? hahaha.). chowyunfatt, gongli and jaychou. shd be not bad. oh. and also zhangyimou.

and andrew lau and alan mak new movie pain of confession with tony leung and takeshi kaneshiro is also gonna be out. on the exact same day as death note 2. alan mak. his shows shd be not bad lah.

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